Go Buffs!!!
Charles H. Milby High School
Houston, TX
Class of 1967
for the
1967 Graduating Class
of Charles H. Milby High School

As hard as it may be to believe, the arrival of 2022 will herald the passing of a half century since the members of the Milby Class of 1967 left the hallowed halls of our alma mater to make our individual marks on the world.  The school has changed, we have changed, but one thing that never changes is our wanting to reconnect with old friends, and having the opportunity to make new ones.

We are also inviting classmates from
'65, '66, '68 and '69 to join us. 
Charlie Buffalo
We invite you to visit Facebook and join the group Milby High School 1967 55th Reunion for updates and details on this reunion.