Go Buffs!!!
Charles H. Milby High School
Houston, TX
Class of 1967
Charlie Buffalo
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View photos of all classmates by clicking on the letters above.  Classmates names are listed in alphabetical order.   Classmates email addresses are posted with their permission.  If you would like your email address posted, please send your updated information on our CONTACT US page, and in the comments section, indicate that it is okay to post your email address with your photo.

Also, we are asking you all to send in your current photo of yourself so we can post that along with your old school photo.  For a sample of how the photos will display, check our Kathy Sellman's photo ... Just mouse-over her school photo and you will see her current photo.   ALL classmates that have current photos posted are designated with an asterisk (*) by their name.

Every attempt has been made to make sure all information posted on this website is accurate, however, we realize mistakes can happen.  If you notice any mistakes, please bring them to our attention at webmaster@milby67.org.

Missing Graduates listed are those who we have had returned mail for past reunions or have not been found since graduation.

Deceased Graduates information is passed on by word of mouth from classmates, obituaries in the newspaper and from family members.

If we have any classmate listed on either of these lists and it is incorrect we apologize in advance.

Please update us with your information and current email address using our CONTACT US page .... Be sure to indicate in the comments section, if we have your permission to post your email address with your photo!  Remember to send in your current photo as well!!  Don't worry about the size, we will size it.  Please send photo in jpg, gif, or tiff format. 

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